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Pool Fencing Compliance

Pool Safety Certificates - Sunshine Coast

We'd like to bring you the Swimming Pool regulations update.

  • Pool safety certificates, issued by a licensed pool safety inspector, are required when selling or leasing a property with a pool (pool safety certificates are valid for one year for a shared pool and two years for a non-shared pool) .

  • The pool safety standards apply to all pools associated with houses, units, hotels, motels, backpacker hostels, caravan parks, mobile van parks and other forms of short-term accommodation.

  • Both new and existing pools must be upgraded to comply with the new safety standards within 5 years unless sold or leased first .

  • Safety barriers are mandatory for all pools and spas deeper than 300 millimetres

  • Maximum penalty for non compliance is $16,500
    More information can be obtained from

Stonehenge Consulting Pty Ltd will be providing the service of pool fence inspections. We have a base in Coolum Beach and can therefore easily inspect any property on the Sunshine Coast.
As you may be aware, only licensed Pool Safety Inspectors can inspect and provide the new certificate required and as such all BSA licensed certifiers are therefore licensed with appropriate qualifications.

After the pool fence inspection, we will issue a pool safety certification if it complies. If we discover that the existing fence requires work to comply with AS 1926.1 and MP 3.4 (the relevant legislation for pool fencing) then a written report will be provided outlining what changes need to be made to comply (with photos if required). When rectification works have been completed, another inspection will then be requiredand form 23 will be issued. If further advice is required please don't hesitate to email us to discuss and arrange an inspection.

Paul Eltringham

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The Importance of Fencing

Too many toddlers drown in QLD swimming pools every year and this could be preventable.

  • 21% drowned because the pool was not fenced
  • 46% drowned because they gained access through the fence (that is, the gate was defective or propped open)
  • 13% drowned because they gained access through defective house doors

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